Commercial Fire Sprinkler System Design & Protection Services In NJ

Your family and possessions, as well as your home and business, are an important part of your life. Be sure to protect them from potential fire risks. At Newark Professional Fire Protection Corp. you can find a variety of residential and commercial fire protection services for all of NJ. With our years of experience, you can rest assured knowing our installations or even fire sprinkler design services will be done with knowledge and professionalism to meet your specific needs.
  • Our team is fully licensed, insured and bonded to ensure you get the highest quality installation from technicians who know their job and can exceed your expectations in design, installation and inspections.
  • Our residential and commercial fire protection services can include fire hydrant inspection, fire pump inspection, fire sprinkler inspection or installation, and more. Regardless of your unique needs, we have the team that can regularly test and verify your fire protection is working correctly.
  • Our technicians are NICET certified, which means you are getting design and installation services from trained individuals who have been independently tested in a variety of areas.
  • We can provide fire sprinkler system design services for new and existing buildings. Whether you are looking for a system in a newly built structure or are in search of a sprinkler addition, we have the skills and tools needed to install a system that will work for your needs.

Alarms, sprinklers, hydrants and pumps should be tested regularly to ensure they are kept in good working order and can perform when needed in an emergency. Our various services can be provided to homes and businesses all across NJ. If you would like to request a free estimate, need 24-hour emergency assistance, or had any questions about any of our services, please contact us. Whether you need inspection, installation or design services, we can help!